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Quality is our philosophy and the satisfaction of our customers all over the world our ultimate goal. For over 40 years this motto has been the secret of our success. As a German producer of bag-in-box dispensers, shot machines and our autofill systems, Nosch GmbH is a specialist in the considerable requirements and needs of the beverage industry.

It is our goal to develop solutions that help our customers be successful in the marketplace.

  • You will see Nosch equipment being used everywhere.
  • The technology is proven and durable.
  • Our product range is complemented by extensive support services.

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From our own production in Germany


  • Autofill systems - The autofill system from NOSCH is an innovative retrofit solution for the automatic refilling and/or mixing of slush ice products. more »

  • Bag-in-Box Dispenser - If it has to be fast and clean: The bag-in-box dispensers are the proven solution for all ready to drink products such as water, wine, milk, iced tea or juices without pulp. more »

  • Shot Machine - The Shot Machine was designed to dispense liquors. The product is chilled down up to -18°C within a short period of time and is kept ready to be dispensed. more »


Shot Machine


Autofill systems