If it has to be fast and clean: The bag-in-box dispensers are the proven solution for all ready to drink products such as water, wine, milk, iced tea or juices without pulp.

They guarantee an easy handling and the high level of hygiene allows a placing at each site, therefore the bag-in- box dispensers are also ideally suited for self-service areas as well as communal and social catering. In our bag-in- box dispensers the boxes are being inserted including the tubular pouch. The traditionally used pinch tubes are being clamped and cut in the output. By pressing lightly the faucet button the tube is being opened and the product can flow. Due to the fact that the product never comes into touch with the dispenser, the cleaning effort remains extremely low.

Through a powerful cooling the precooled product is being kept at a constant temperature between +3 and +8 ° Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted individually with a digital thermostat. An additional big plus is being included: Large advertising spaces on the front and back provide a perfect presentation of your product. The devices are being made with a durable metal housing and are manufactured by default with lockable doors and delivered with a stainless steel faucet lever. Our Bag-in-Box dispensers are of course Vitop capable. Alternatively you can also use in our bag-in-box dispensers grid boxes for loose tubes or individually fillable cartridges. Individual customers wishes are being discussed prior any production and taken into account a respective manufacturing.