23. Januar 2017

Shot Machine

The Shot Machine was designed to dispense liquors. The product is chilled down up to -18°C within a short period of time and is kept ready to be dispensed. The brand recognitionis reached through the optional lightning of the machine and the modern design. Through in house development, production adaptions to your brand can be easily realized also in smaller production numbers .


26. Mai 2016


Professional Dispensing Technology

Simply Good

The Bag-in-Box dispenser is the perfect solution for all ready-to-drink products such as juices without fruit pulp, milk, water, wine, or iced tea.

Thanks to a closed system, the drink and device always remain separate from each other and, therefore, the highest hygiene standards are satisfied.

This means that the Bag-in-Box is ideally suitable for every installation site.

Outstanding and Impressive

High-quality components are used exclusively in the production – Made in Germany. The Bag-in-Box dispenser is impressive due to its robust metal housing and stable operation in long-term use.

At the customer’s request, the dispenser can be equipped with additional technical details as well as an individual visual appearance and so offers solutions for all needs.